On Sunday, April 7th, students from JFK Middle School enjoyed a multi-ethnic eating tour of the Lower East Side with Mrs. Saur, Mrs. Curran, Mr. Catterson, and Mrs. Mahoney. This tour combined the history of the diverse Lower East Side starting on Delancey Street with a series of small food sampling, or “noshing” stops from local shops and markets and ended in Little Italy with a cannoli and gelato ice cream.

The main focus of the tour was the history of the multi-ethnic Lower East Side emphasizing the neighborhoods of the Jewish East Side, Little Italy, and Chinatown. During the course of the walk, students sampled about 10 different items, representing the Dominican, Jewish, Italian, & Chinese communities of the Lower East Side. Most of the items were vegetarian or dairy. All of the food sampling was done outside in a park or on the sidewalks of markets & shops. It was a wonderful experience for the students to sample foods they never had before as well as combing history on this refreshing, spring like day.

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