Students from the BHS Philosophy Club took part in a Plato Study Day at the School of Practical Philosophy in Manhattan. The school sponsors this event twice a year which allows participants and professors to do an intensive study of one of Plato’s works. This year the focus was on Plato’s Crito that records a dramatic conversation in an Athenian jail between the great philosopher Socrates and his dearest friend, Crito. The stakes could not have been higher. What is true freedom and what is it worth? The students looked at various passages in depth by breaking into small groups led by two instructors and followed Plato’s thoughts through a series of readings and discussions. After the study day was over the students enjoyed a catered Greek lunch, learned about harmony through a session of singing, and enjoyed a humorous piano and song parody regarding Plato’s three parts of the human soul. The professors were very impressed with the students (they were the youngest people in attendance) and gave them a special introduction at the greeting and lecture at the beginning of the day!

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