Long Island Science and Engineering Fair

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Students from Bethpage High School proudly participated and represented Bethpage High School in the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair.

  • Theresa Thulasidas (Grade 10) and Ava Zingone (Grade 10)
    Dye Sensitized vs. Monocrystalline: Most Cost Efficient Method for Energy Production
  • Aurrel Bhatia (Grade 10)
    Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Create Accurate Climate Prediction Models through a Time Series Analysis of Historical Data
  • Savannah Boncic (Grade 11)
    The Effect of "Eco-Friendly" Detergents on the Growth and Survival of Different Soil-Dwelling Organisms (Eisenia fetida and Cucumis sativus)
  • Maya Maciel-Seidman (Grade 11), Ruchitha Channapatna (Grade 10), and Suchitha Channapatna (Grade 10)
    Soil Moisture Sensing Robot: A Novel Agriculture Device

Congratulations to Theresa Thulasidas, Ava Zingone, Maya Maciel-Seidman, Ruchitha Channapatna, and Suchitha Channapatna, whose research studies are moving on to Round 2 of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair in March!

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