After an eight-week hiatus, Superintendent of Schools Terrence Clark delivered his annual welcoming remarks following a breakfast for all Bethpage teachers and staff on Aug. 29. His positive and heartfelt speech was filled with congratulations for the retirees, newlyweds and newborns, as well as thank-you’s to each of the district’s civic partners and community organizations. He proceeded to review several advancements for the coming year as well as accomplishments from the past one. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Every middle school student has been given a personal ChromeBook for use during the school year (approximately 700 total).
  • The Achieve 3000 program has been made available to all middle school students.
  • Upgrades have been made to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Approximately 100 security cameras have been installed districtwide, with live access for administrators from any computer.
  • There have been no changes in the elevation levels from the plume, as reported by the district’s independent environmental study this summer.
  • 100% of Bethpage teachers were rated “Effective” or “Highly Effective” under APPR rules outlined by New York State.
  • Despite the recent change to state assessments, third-graders were No. 6 in Nassau County on ELA assessment results.
  • Bethpage was in the top one-third overall on every state exam, grades 3-8, in Nassau County.
  • Every NWEA test that was administered showed growth in each student.
  • All schools in the district were categorized as “In Good Standing” by the State Education Department, and the district is awaiting federal confirmation on whether Kramer Lane has qualified for designation as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.
  • 71% of Bethpage residents voted “yes” on the 2013-14 school budget – among the highest voter approval of a budget in Nassau County.
Following his remarks, teachers reported back to their individual buildings where staff development and department meetings were held for the new year.