On Saturday, 21 September 2013 in conjunction with the UN International Day of Peace, BHS Student Civic Executive Board members Deena Hadhoud, President and Firas Akbik, Treasurer attended a Global Day of Listening speaking to Afghan Youth in Kabul, Afghanistan through SKYPE with Susan Perretti. Accompanied by Ms. Rito from BHS, Deena and Firas spoke to a group of interested young people in Sayville and proceeded to connect with the Afghan Youth from 1pm to 330pm. They discussed their everyday life in Afghanistan, their educational system and the lifestyle they live. This was the first time the Sayville group was introduced to the Afghan Peace Volunteers and their choice of living in a community of non-violence. While lively discussion and thoughts were exchanged, people began to understand more clearly how real relationships are built through conversation, acceptance, empathy and active, interested listening and dialogue. It is hoped that there will be more Global Days of Listening in Sayville and with other universities and schools on Long Island and that our students from BHS Student Civic will be instrumental in introducing this worthwhile program to them. Anyone interested in more information on how to connect and be a part of the worldwide conversation with Afghanistan and other countries such as Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany and others, contact Ms. Rito at Bethpage High School 644-4100 and check out http://www.globaldaysoflistening.org/ and http://ourjourneytosmile.com/

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