Project Astro

The Project Astro program, facilitated by the Cradle of Aviation Museum, matches teachers with local astronomers from the Amateur Observers' Society of Long Island to help bring astronomy into the classroom. Bethpage is lucky enough to have several teachers at the high school, middle school and Central Boulevard School who volunteered to train and collaborate on lesson plans for the program, which is being incorporated into the school day, as well as part of an after-school 21st Century program or Astronomy Club lesson.
Fifth-grade students in Erika Lemaire’s and Tim Regan’s classes at Central Boulevard were among the first to have an astronomy session in November. The session was co-taught by Jean Wilkstrom from the Amateur Observers’ Society of Long Island, and together students completed a short, interactive quiz and researched the names and specifics of stars within various constellations. Pictured are some highlights from this session.