Adelphi Professors Visit Child Psychology Classes


On January 5, 2011, Special Education Professor Dr. Ann Mungai and Service-Learning Professor Diana Feige visited Mrs. Theresa Gervasi-Schneider's Child Psychology classes to bring good wishes and thanks from the 42 orphan children from Dr. Mungai's orphanage and school in Kenya. Mrs. Schneider's classes hand-crafted pencil cases, personalized for each of the children last academic year and sent I LOVE NY T-shirts as well. Also at that time, Ms. Chris Bennett's physical education classes collected and donated boxes of athletic equipment; games, balls, bats, rackets, jump ropes and toys much to the delight of the children. After much bureaucracy with shipping and documentation, the container of athletic equipment finally cleared customs and arrived this summer, to be transported miles from the sea to the orphanage and the eager attention of the children. Dr. Mungai chose to bring photos and slides of the children as well as hand-written thank you notes to all our students and teachers who gave of their time and effort to give to them.

Students were silent as Dr. Mungai recounted the life stories of several of these orphaned children. Students asked questions and seemed positively motivated to be involved in more of these hands-on projects.

This year, Mrs. Schneider's classes chose to create individual backpacks for the children which were shown and then boxed for Dr. Mungai to take back to Adelphi and then to be sent to the orphanage in the forthcoming months.

Bethpage Student Civic Advisor, Ms. Rito invites any teacher in the district interested in creating similar projects with the Mungai Foundation children to contact her at Bethpage High School (644-4100) for details and connections Other schools on Long Island have participated with projects of their own, however, Dr. Mungai is always pleasantly willing to raise awareness about the many issues that create the need for safehomes like hers in Kenya. 

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