Elementary Schools Celebrate Thanksgiving


In the Bethpage School District, Central Boulevard, Charles Campagne, and Kramer Lane Elementary Schools each held different Thanksgiving- and fall-related activities for students prior to the November 26 holiday. Though the events varied, there was one common theme: food and treats shared by friends and the concept of being thankful.

At Central Boulevard, Mrs. Cataldi and Ms. Sieben's inclusion class had Thanksgiving desserts covered, baking apple pies that they later enjoyed. The students had the opportunity to peel apples, mix ingredients, and try a slice of the finished products.

First graders at Charles Campagne made crafts and participated in celebrations during Native American Day. Students rotated stations where they created their own beaded necklaces, clay pots, drums, paper weaving projects, and brown bag vests in the all-purpose room where a life-sized tepee was assembled.

Kramer Lane children performed for parents and staff during a show featuring several Thanksgiving compilations. Under the leadership of Director of Chorale and Classroom Music Mrs. Deborah Stehlik, students sang songs about giving thanks, the traditional Thanksgiving feast, and more. One of the most popular was the “Turkey Tango.”

In addition to these activities, many classes held Thanksgiving feasts that staff and PTA members, children, and their families helped contribute to. Students also learned more about why it is important to be thankful, around the holidays and throughout the year.