Mercy Inn Soup Kitchen


Despite mounds of foot-high snow, BHS Student Civic members Dessiree Pendleton, Jeanne Lavalley and Nick Broughton arrived all-smiles at Mercy Inn Soup Kitchen in Wyandanch early on Tuesday morning, December 28th 2010 to serve those less fortunate.

Accompanied by Student Civic advisor, Ms. Rito, the students managed to lend a hand in making preparations for the 80 guests that attended for Tuesday's lunch. Dessiree served the vegetables, Jeanne took care of the salads and rolls and Nick gave piping hot coffee and desserts.

The Mercy INN addresses the issue of hunger and need in the community of Wyandanch, one of the poorest on Long Island, by providing hot, nourishing meals in a dignified, comfortable and respectful manner to those who seek help. Theirs is an an all-volunteer, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, community-based organization believing that all human beings are interdependent and that society heals itself by caring for the least of its brethren.

The Mercy INN is part of the The Interfaith Nutrition Network, Inc. operating autonomously from that organization, maintaining its own bank accounts, and is responsible for its own income and expenses. It operates a single soup kitchen serving over 25,000 free, hot noontime meals per year to the homeless and working poor of the Wyandanch community. Almost all food served is donated by local hospitals, restaurants and community groups, or purchased through annual grants.

Through the selfless service of our BHS students on December 28th 2010, wishes of Happy New Year were exchanged among guests and volunteer staff. Much gratitude to Dessiree, Jeanne and Nick, who decided to go out in the cold, drive considerable distance and give their energy, efforts and smiles to those who really needed them. You've made a difference at year's end 2010 and will continue the trend in 2011.