JFK Middle School Students Create Fleece Scarves for Charity


Students in the 21st Century Junior Scholars Program at JFK Middle School in the Bethpage Union Free School District have taken up a community service project that allows them to be creative as well as being kind to others.

The project, “Fleece Scarves for Charity,” began on Friday, January 28, under the direction of teachers Erica Blau and Courtney Young, and will be completed on Friday, February 11, when the students have finished putting together their “no-sew” fleece scarves, which will be donated to a local nursing home.

The students began the project using a pattern, which was traced onto fleece material purchased from a local fabric store, and then cut out. By the time the scarves are pieced together, the recipients will be the proud owners of colorful, cozy warm scarves, made by JFK Middle School students.