Lessons learned come from all types of resources, but one of the best ways is through experience. Theresa Gervasi Schneider understands this and as teacher for the BHS Child Study program has put it into practice.

On Thursday May 22, 2014, Adelphi University Education Professors Anne Mungai, (Special Education) and Professor Diana Feige, (Service-Learning) visited Mrs. Schneider's classes to witness the joy and learning in her program and to accept the gifts that her BHS students made for the Mungai Orphanage in Kenya, Africa.

Mrs. Schneider's classes created babies' bibs and shoulder sacks for the children to carry their school supplies from T-shirts a concept which included recycling materials in consideration of the environment. BHS Student Civic donated pencils and supplies to fill the shoulder sacks. Professor Mungai mentioned how precious pencils were to children in the orphanage since they are very difficult to find and expensive, furthering the point that a little level of awareness can help make enormous changes. She will be bringing supplies to Kenya this summer including the handmade creations from Bethpage High School.

Mrs. Schneider's students and children posed happily for photos and both Adelphi Professors were so impressed with the positive results of the project that they opened consideration of a mentoring program with Adelphi and Bethpage High School students. Thanks to all the students and children for participating in this project and for enriching lives in 'giving to others'.

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