Great Athletes Take the Center Court!


Some of the best athletes at Bethpage High School took over the court in a basketball game against Calhoun High School. It was a packed crowd! The athletes spent time preparing for the big game and were superbly coached by Coach D'Albenzio and Coach Greco with assistance from Mr. Franchi, Mr. Fullerton and Mr. Kileen. It was a high scoring game on both sides. Excellent defense was exhibited. And there was true sportsmanship on the court at all times. Thanks to all the adults who helped with the game, all the teachers who attended and to Dr. Hantzidiamantis for making the arrangements.

At halftime, our Senior Eagles took over and gave us a great show! Thanks to them and our cheerleaders for showing us how it is done! And thanks to the Golden Girls for warming up the crowd with a pre-game performance.

It was a great event! Thanks to all our athletes for being such good Golden Eagles!