Nassau Community College Honors Program


Nassau Community College Honors Program hosts an annual science fair, art and theatre competition. For the first time, Bethpage was represented by 5 research students in grades 8 and 9 from Mr. Pollatos', Ms. Sciglibaglio's and Mr. Ravener's classes. The theme this year was Social Justice Now and asked students to interpret how media drives current issues. Cynthia Dabrowski earned first place honors in grade 8 for her presentation and research into the BP oil spill detailing how the media influenced public attitudes and what new clean-up practices proved most effective. Tom Fraher investigated how texting and social networks in general affected the incidence of risky behavior in teenagers while Craig Schmier explored the connection between body language and human emotions including fear, love and lying. Sarah Cirisi and Samantha Zito investigated healthier alternatives to high energy drinks. Congratulations to all these students whose hard work and insight resulted in such creative projects!