On Saturday, December 6th, a group of 38 students from Bethpage H.S. and J.F.K. Middle School attended a 21st Century trip to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City. Although it was a somewhat somber and emotional day for the students, they were able to gain a greater understanding towards the tragic events which occurred on September 11, 2001. The students were able to see the ‘Footprints’ of the North and South towers and the Memorial identifying the nearly 3000 innocent people whose lives were lost on 9/11. They saw the spectacular ‘Freedom Tower’ and gained a better understanding related to its relevance and symbolism signifying the freedoms and values that we as Americans are afforded. In addition, we took an extensive tour of the 9/11 Museum. The museum was a central focus of the trip. The exhibits and displays within the museum, gave our students a historical and educational perspective of the events in and around September 11. The students also spent an extensive period of time within the ‘Memorial’ section of the museum, where they viewed photographs and researched information provided for each victim. Mr. Fenster directed and facilitated this trip. Ms. DelVecchio, Ms. DeTillio, and Ms. Bellairs accompanied our students during our visit.

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