On a gorgeous Saturday morning in June, Ms. Quinn, Ms. Green and Mrs. Klein accompanied 30 students into NYC for a unique future career choice: A private tour of a recording studio. Many famous artists recorded there: Elvis, Beyonce, Madonna, Carole King, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston , Justin Bieber and so many more. We were met by Mr. Dave "Roz" Rosner, the manager of KMA Recording Studio in the famous Brill Building. It's located on Broadway and 49th St. in the heart of Time Square. Mr. Roz gave us a private tour of the sound studio, instruments and engineering room where all the mixing of voice and instrument take place. We were privileged to listen to an unreleased song by Pia Toscano entitled: Question. Mr. Roz and his engineer stressed the importance of education. In order to get into the recording studio business you need to be a college graduate who exhibit a strong work ethic. He also mentioned that being an intern is how one would start off in the business. A great time was had by all.

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