On Saturday April 25th our students performed community service by removing litter from the shores along the Long Island Sound, near Oyster Bay. They also had the opportunity to learn about the salt marsh ecosystem and observe many of its inhabitants. They observed several osprey searching the shallow waters for fish. They learned about the piping plover and why their nesting areas are fenced off from the public. They also observed snowy egrets, a greater yellow legs, found raccoon tracks and held mud snails.

When you revisit a natural setting it’s never the same experience twice. The cloud cover, the angle of the Sun, the wind and tide are never quite the same. You also never know what you’ll encounter, there’s always surprises. This year we removed the largest item we've ever found along the beach, a cement mixer most likely washed away by super storm Sandy. The participants were treated to lunch, compliments of the Marine Science Club. I trust many will be back to volunteer again next year.

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