Experience of a Lifetime

Lorraine Marcis, science enrichment and elementary coordinator for the 21st Century program, embarked on a research adventure of a lifetime in which she, three other educators and 22 students from across the United States went on a scientific expedition to the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas. While there, she participated in an intensive, hands-on research experience with residents and visiting scientists. While there, she learned about the symbiotic relationship between flounders and plants, encountered a shark and received a lesson on the fragility of coral at the beach. With the district’s emphasis on STEM-related activities in the classroom, Marcis’ experiences will prove invaluable to her students. As a result of her experiences, this year she intends to incorporate a hands-on wetlands curriculum, in which students will build a model of a river system and build and test a dam in a model river valley.