Bethpage Elementary School children in the 4th and 5th grade participated in an activity sponsored by the Bethpage 21st Century Learning initiative.  Mrs. Bohringer, Charles Campagne and Kramer Lane Physical Education Teacher developed the program for the Bethpage children – Learn to Kayak.  The students learn the basics of the equipment, grip, strokes, entering and re-entering the kayak and most importantly safety.  The students practice on land and in the water at the Bethpage High School pool.  Mrs. Bohringer is assisted by Mrs. McGlynn, Teacher Assistant at CCS and Mrs. Marcis, Teacher at CCS, KL and CBS who runs the Jason Project and Argonauts for the district.  Kayaking equipment has been donated for use by the Bethpage Sports Camps directed by Mr. John Franchi.


Additional classes will have registration through the Bethpage 21st Century web site.  Charles Campagne, Kramer Lane and Central Boulevard students will be able to sign up for a session throughout the school year.

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