On Saturday, November 21st, twenty seven students from BHS and JFK dressed in their favorite Rangers and Knicks gear to take a ride into the city to go on an “All Access” tour of Madison Square Garden. Upon arrival to the world famous arena, the students accompanied by Mr. Lomonaco, Mr. Catapano, and Ms. Bellairs met with a photographer to take some fun photos of the group in front of a green screen with students adorned with boxing gloves, hockey sticks, and basketballs. The tour began, as the group was lead around the venue by a tour guide who explained everything from the history of The Garden itself to the infrastructure of the arena. While touring, the group got to see several exhibits of artifacts from sports players, and artists that have performed at the Garden. Students went inside one of the luxury suites that overlook the arena, and then went up a few levels to go out onto The Chase Bridge which suspended from the arena's ceiling.  It was an excellent day at The Garden for our Bethpage students!

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