The Power of One

On September 15, students in all grades (two shows: K-3 and 4-5) at Charles Campagne Elementary School in the Bethpage Union Free School District attended an anti-bullying assembly presented by Soren Bennick Productions entitled “The Power of One.”
Actors Molly Roberson and Jimmy D’Amico presented a series of skits utilizing different colored boxes and masks that represented the different roles in the bullying process. The creative skits vividly portrayed what bullying is, what can be done about it, and how every child has the power of one -- the power to report bullying whenever he or she sees it. 
“The Power of One” explored three roles in bullying: the bully, the target, and the bystander. It also gave dramatic examples of different types of bullying techniques: physical, verbal, exclusion, and, for the older students, cyber bullying. The show warned students that targets need help and intervention, and it encouraged them to not be bystanders, emphasizing the need for individual action to make their school and community a safer, better place. Whenever the audience was asked what they should do when they saw bullying happening, they responded, “Tell your teacher!”
Following the color scheme of the boxes, the actors wore a green mask when they played the bully, a purple mask when they played the target, and a yellow mask for the bystander. The highlight of the performance was when student volunteers from the audience went up on stage to act out the roles of bully, target, and bystander. 
The show concluded with all of the students taking “The Power of One” anti-bullying oath.