In recognition of Constitution Day, JFK students participated in a Preamble Challenge contest.  Seventy five students successfully memorized and recited correctly all of the words in The Preamble to the Constitution.  Two students from each grade level won the contest as they recited the words correctly in the shortest amount of time.  The overall grade level winners of the contest were:
Jeremy Miller – Grade 6 (7.2 seconds)
Heather Palmer – Grade 6 (7.2 seconds)
                             Jack Lewis – Grade 7 (6.9 seconds)
                             Sara Suozo – Grade 7 (6.9 seconds)
                             Valerie Kress – Grade 8 (7.8 seconds)
Honorable Mention – Joey Gilio – Grade 6
The students were awarded certificates for their accomplishments and Gift Cards to Pappardelle’s.  Congratulations to all of the students who participated.

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