While many were enjoying the Columbus Day parades or just the beautiful fall weather before school resumes again, BHS students were giving of their time, talents and smiles to help those less fortunate. How fitting on a day steeped in celebration of exploration, BHS students "discovered" a different world so close to home. Led by Ms. Rito, Kanza Ahmad, Joe Agnese, Nick Broughton, Wilfred Cheung, Deena Hadhoud, Jeanne Lavalle, Michelle Mason, John Saugy and Samantha Virgil prepared sandwiches, bagged grapes, served food to guests of Mercy Inn Soup Kitchen in Wyandanch, one of Long Island's poorest areas.

Mercy Inn is located in the basement of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Wyandanch and serves hot lunches to guests from Monday through Friday. It is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, community-based organization which believes that all human beings are interdependent and that society heals itself by caring for the least of its brethren.

The Mercy INN is an affiliate of The Interfaith Nutrition Network, Inc. operating autonomously from that organization, maintains its own bank accounts, and is responsible for its own income and expenses. The Mercy INN operates a single soup kitchen in Wyandanch, Long Island, NY, serving over 25,000 free, hot noontime meals per year to the homeless and working poor of the community. No questions are asked of our guests, and no proselytizing, counseling or outside publicity is permitted. The Mercy INN has no paid employees, except for a part-time custodian. Almost all food served is donated by local hospitals, restaurants and community groups, or purchased through annual grants.

If the smiles are any indicator of "having a good time", it's evident that BHS students spent a morning and afternoon well worth their time. If you would like to know more about what is needed or what you can do for Mercy Inn, please call 631-422-1420 or see Ms Rito at Bethpage High School.

Thank you to each and every Volunteer!

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