Students from the BHS Philosophy Club took part in a Plato Study Day at the School of Practical Philosophy in Manhattan on Sunday, October 30th. The school sponsors this event twice a year which allows participants and professors to do an intensive study of one of Plato’s works. This year the focus was on Plato’s Phaedo which deals with Socrates last day on earth before he drinks the poison hemlock. The students looked at the dialogue in depth by breaking into small groups led by two instructors and followed Socrates’ discussion of how, facing death, Socrates imparts how to live a good life to his students. After the study day was over the students enjoyed a catered Greek lunch, watched the 1950s episode of You Are There: The Death of Socrates (hosted by Walter Cronkite), and enjoyed a humorous piano and song parody of events from Plato’s writings. The professors were very impressed with the students (they were the youngest people in attendance) and gave them a special introduction during the summary portion of the event which was a wonderful way to end a wonderful day!