Read To Achieve: The Tradition Continues

The District’s annual Read to Achieve event was once again a huge success. Hosted at Bethpage High School, the assembly was attended by educators, high school scholar-athletes, and third graders from Charles Campagne, Central Boulevard, and Kramer Lane Elementary Schools.

Read to Achieve inspires third-grade students to appreciate the importance and value of reading both now and into the future. The scholar-athletes, who are also captains of various high school sports teams, were the stars of the event. They served as role models for their younger peers by sharing the titles of their favorite books and describing the many benefits that they have gained through reading.

Superintendent of Schools Terrence Clark, Bethpage High School Principal Michael Spence, Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Instruction John DeTommaso, Director of English/Language Arts Dr. Mary Hannon, and Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics John Franchi facilitated the event. Each of them addressed the third-grade students, focusing on the many benefits of reading.

Mr. Clark welcomed all in attendance, stating, “This is the most enthusiastic group of third-grade students at the Read to Achieve event to date.” He went on to discuss the importance of reading, getting involved in sports, and doing what it takes to become a scholar-athlete. “A scholar-athlete does very well in school. They are also great athletes, and they treat one another with respect.”

“If you take your school spirit and put it into your studies, you will all be scholars,” said Mr. DeTommaso. “When you read you can put yourself in another place, in another galaxy, in another world. That is the beauty of reading. When you read, you will achieve.”

Mr. Spence told the third graders, “I have four kids, and each day I encourage them to read.” Mr. Franchi reinforced the value of hard work by stating, “It’s very important that you do your best in the classroom and on the field.”

The Varsity Cheerleaders and the Golden Girls Kickline performed for the third graders, inspiring more school spirit and much applause, and the Golden Eagle mascot offered the youngsters plenty of high-fives.

One of the event’s highlights came when the third graders watched their teachers shoot hoops, and then had the opportunity to do so themselves with the assistance of the scholar-athletes.