Kindergarten Students Buzz Using Bee Bots to Explore STEM


Kindergarten students at Charles Campagne Elementary School were the first to participate in a NEW initiative across Bethpage Schools designed to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experiences to all elementary school students. Students in Mrs. Bedney and Mrs. Fink's kindergarten classes explored Bee Bots.  A Bee Bot is a tool for teaching estimation, sequencing, and problem solving! Under the direction of Mrs. Marcis, students eagerly and enthusiastically worked alongside Mr. Clark, Superintendent of Schools; Mr. Schneider, Assistant Superintendent; Mrs. Yale, Director of Science; Mr. Titolo, Director of Mathematics; and Mrs. Lindsay-DiFiglia, Principal to program the Bee Bots to turn 90-degrees left or 90-degrees right and move forward or backward. Students practiced programming their Bee Bots to reach a "flower" on a grid. These though-provoking activities are just the first steps in the district's initiative to bring STEM to all Bethpage students!

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