Working Even More Efficiently

The District has partnered with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) to identify and achieve significant energy-efficient upgrades throughout the District, which will result in additional energy cost savings of approximately $68,000 annually.

Through this initiative, the District has upgraded the lighting systems, installed occupancy sensors in all buildings, and replaced or retrofitted more than 3,780 fixtures with energy-efficient high-performance lighting equipment. It is estimated that through these enhanced measures, the District will save up to 366,000 kilowatt hours per year and reduce its peak electric demand by an estimated 147 kilowatts. By reducing energy usage and lowering the cost of electricity, the District will be doing its fair share to help improve the environment. In addition to the projected annual savings, the District has also received $187,870 in LIPA rebates and incentives, which were used to help defray the cost of the improvements.

“The Bethpage School District is grateful to LIPA for working with us through this process and guiding us toward these energy savings and the resulting rebates,” stated Superintendent of Schools Terrence Clark. “LIPA has been incredibly helpful and they have enabled us to lower operating costs, increase efficiencies, and reduce our carbon footprint for our five schools. It has been a win-win for us on many levels for our schools and our taxpayers.”