BHS Student Civic Association attended the Nassau County Human Rights Awareness Conference on 9 February 2012 at Adelphi University. BHS seniors Michelle Mason, Leila Dastgheib-Beheshti, Holly Josephs, Jerry Kim, Nicole Scagliola and Christina Wing facilitated a workshop based on the connection made at BHS with the Afghan Youth Volunteers. High school and university students from across Nassau County along with their teachers and professors took part in an informational workshop testing their real knowledge of the situation in Afghanistan. Through the Global Days of Listening, students had the opportunity to ask questions directly to Dr. Hakim and the group of volunteers in Afghanistan with a SKYPE connection. Dialogues flowed between the American students and the Afghan Youth. Representatives of various peace and social justice groups witnessed the discussions as observers. Each workshop lasted about an hour and hosted more than 100 students total. At the end of the conference, BHS students remained with a renewed sense of the strength there is in knowledge and the ability to reach out to others to affect positive change. It is hoped that BHS Student Civic will be presenting more workshops to other interested universities in the near future.

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