Busy Builders Club

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The JFK Kiwanis Builders Club has had a busy and productive April and May.


In April, our incoming president, Bryanna Ackerman, and incoming vice-president, Gabriela Carchi, along with advisor, Mrs. Ciarniello, attended the Long Island Divisional Kiwanis dinner and meeting at Domenico's in Levittown. Many clubs from various elementary, middle and high schools reported on their activities throughout the year.


In April and May, the Builders Club held a drive for the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter, collecting towels, dog biscuits, and cans of cat foods. We also made frozen treats, such as peanut-butter covered apples and yogurt-applesauce cups, to bring to the shelter.


On May 13, we brought these items to the shelter, had a lovely tour, and we also got to hold some kittens and see the dogs.


On May 16, several members helped Mrs. Dircks (from the JFK PTA) plant lovely spring flowers by the JFK entrance. The garden looks colorful and beautiful