On a brisk, yet sunny Sunday morning, students joined Mrs. Klein and Ms. Robb for a tour of the Woodland's Catering hall and golfing grounds in Woodbury. They were told the history of the mansion and grounds and shown the ballroom, bridal suite, drawing room, kitchen and several smaller catering rooms upstairs. In the ballroom, a table was beautifully set. It was explained to us the use of all the utensils surrounding the plate. Mrs. Bower also explained the proper procedure to serve a guest .

As men were golfing, Mrs. Bower was explaining the 120 -acre estate. We walked to where a wedding ceremony could be held outdoors.

As our tour came to an end, Mrs. Bower explained how our students could get into the hospitality industry. At age 16, they could start off as a Runner or Bus Person. They could then work their way up in the industry to management with a strong work ethic. A seed has been planted in their minds.

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