JFK’s third annual Pi-day contest was held on Wednesday, March 14, 2012. 25 students attended and enjoyed singing pi songs and eating pi-cookies! The event was run by Ms. Noreman and Ms. O’Sullivan. Special thanks to the Academy students as well as the HS ACE students for baking us delicious and beautiful pi shaped and pi decorated cookies!

19 brave students recited digits of pi to be included in our JFK pi club! Michelle Luo finished in first place and recited 400 digits of pi. This was a new record for JFK! Emily Dean also stunned the audience by reciting 323 digits. Matthew Heym finished in third place and recited 200 digits of pi.

Honorable mention goes to Jenna Skaferowsky, who recited 68 digits, Jessica Nardulli, who recited 67 digits and David Shapiro, with 60 digits memorized.

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