Spooky STEM Stations

Spooky STEM Stations photo

It was a spooky good time for learning as students at Central Boulevard Elementary School collaborated on different Halloween-themed exercises in science, technology, engineering and math.

The project paired the fifth-graders in Christine McGuire and Allison Robb’s class with the first-graders in Erin Austin’s class to apply their knowledge to three challenges, each designed with Halloween in mind.

One challenge required students to estimate the correct mixture of baking soda and vinegar to cause a reaction that would inflate a balloon to the largest size possible. In addition to the two ingredients, each team was given a water bottle, a spoon and a balloon decorated to look like a ghost. 

For the second challenge, students engaged their problem-solving skills to transport a pumpkin across the classroom without actually touching it with their hands. They were given a foot of yarn and a pumpkin to complete the mission, but were not allowed to tie the yarn to the pumpkin’s stem. 

Concluding the activities, the students were asked to build the sturdiest tower possible out of pumpkin candies and toothpicks. Each team was given a certain number of candies and toothpicks to construct a tower that could be no less than eight inches in height.

As part of the latter two challenges, the students were expected to sketch out their ideas and record their results, including why they felt their methods were successful and what they would do differently next time. Regardless of whether they met their intended goals, every student learned important lessons in STEM and teamwork.