Bethpage Students Study the Continents

Students at Central Boulevard, Charles Campagne, and Kramer Lane Elementary Schools, like students worldwide, have previously studied the earth’s continents on a two-dimensional textbook map or a globe. Fortunately for the district’s fourth and fifth graders, satellite photos of the world were rendered on a gigantic fabric balloon, called the “Earth Balloon,” which allowed them to explore the earth’s landforms and continents from different perspectives.

The Earth Balloon measures 20 feet in diameter and displays high-resolution satellite photos from NASA. The students were able to enter the balloon through a Velcro opening situated at the international dateline. They were instructed by Nassau BOCES naturalist Kathy Frost about the position of the continents, the deep coastline canyons, waterways that flow through each of the continents, and the countries situated in both the northern (inside the balloon) and southern hemispheres (outside the balloon).

“I hope you see why the planet Earth is so important to us,” Ms. Frost said to the students. “You need to take care of it so that other generations can live here.”