Renowned Author Visits Bethpage Schools

Jerry Pallotta, renowned author of Read a Zillion Books, among many other children’s stories, visited the District’s three elementary schools – Charles Campagne, Kramer Lane, and Central Boulevard, respectively.

Before Mr. Pallotta’s visit, the students prepared for his arrival by reading some of his books and working on related activities during their library time. Mr. Pallotta discussed the writing process, researching, working with illustrators, and designing, editing, and publishing books. He came to each school equipped with a colorful slide program to support his talks and gave presentations that were informative, fun, and very entertaining.

“After I leave this school, I hope some of you say to yourselves, ‘I want to be a writer when I grow up,’” said Mr. Pallotta to the students at Charles Campagne Elementary School.

Librarians Andrea Swicord (Kramer Lane), Phyllis Ivers (Charles Campagne), and Ann Tracy (Central Boulevard) planned and organized this exciting event. Thanks to the generous contributions of each school’s PTA, the students received an autographed copy of Mr. Pallotta’s latest book, A Giraffe Did One.