Second-grade students at Charles Campagne Elementary School have become published authors of the book “FABLEicious,” which contains students’ original fables complete with morals relevant to today’s youth.

In preparation for their writing, the students studied genres of fables and selected an animal that would best represent their fable. The second graders worked collaboratively to come up with the lesson they wanted to convey and the animal to best teach that lesson.

After the students had penned their fables, the District funded the color printing and binding of the books. The culminating activity was an author celebration in the school’s all-purpose room. Groups consisting of six students each shared their books with students who were not in their class. Upon completion, each group rotated to another group to partner with different students.

Selected fables from “FABLEicious” were entered into the 2012 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Competition. Best of luck to the student authors!