On Friday May 4, FIAT representative Michael Germana visited the Italian classes of Bethpage High School to talk and demonstrate the new FIAT cars, designed in Italy and manufactured in Michigan. Mr. Germana spoke to a group of more than fifty high school students from the classes of Signor Vincenzo Maio and Signora Jacqueline Jill Rito interested in discovering more about Italian design, marketing and imports.

After speaking to the students and showing a video in the Little Theater, the classes went outside to see the 2012 FIAT 500 Sport POP, climb inside and feel the new reliability that FIAT and Chrysler now represent since its re-entry into the American market in 2011 with a totally new product after years of research and development. Students asked questions, sat in the car and after Mr. Germana's expert talk on the advantages of the FIAT 500, such as superb safety features and gas mileage of 44 miles per gallon, students reassessed their ideas about smaller cars and some even considered further investigation into their first car as a FIAT.

Our gratitude to Mr. Germana and FIAT of Westbury for their collaboration in bringing a little bit of Italy to our students!

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