BHS Students Inducted into National Honor Society

On May 23, Bethpage High School’s National Honor Society chapter inducted 99 new members, made up of eight seniors and 91 juniors.
“The National Honor Society recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, and service,” said Superintendent Terrence Clark in congratulating the students on their achievements. “These are values instilled by your parents and families over many years, and I want to thank them for the terrific job they have done in raising such well-rounded children.”
The students participated in a candlelighting ceremony to signify their induction into the society. The ceremony highlighted the National Honor Society’s five qualities: knowledge, character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Bethpage High School Principal Michael Spence and National Honor Society chapter advisor Scott Lynch also congratulated the new members.
“These juniors and seniors have not only excelled academically, they have displayed leadership skills, served the community, and developed expertise in athletics, theater, dance, art, and many other areas,” said Mr. Lynch.
“I look forward to your continued success and to enjoying evenings like this where we celebrate your achievements,” Superintendent Clark added.
The Bethpage Dad’s Club hosted a banquet dinner after the ceremony to celebrate the occasion for the inductees and their families.