Luck of the Leprechaun Trap

Luck of the Leprechaun Trap photo thumbnail92783

A creative project at Central Boulevard Elementary School brought grade levels together as Debra Lange and Linda DeMaria’s first-grade class collaborated with Barbara Cataldi’s fourth-graders to engineer a leprechaun trap using recycled materials.

Working in teams, the students drafted blueprints of their designs and identified which materials they would use to trap the cunning character of Irish folklore. To build their contraptions, they brought in materials from home such as cereal boxes, tissue boxes and shoeboxes.

After drawing up their plans, the teams constructed the traps out of their everyday items, adding decorative touches with glitter, stickers, construction paper and pipe cleaners. They presented their devices to their peers, explaining how the levers, axles and doors would capture the leprechaun. Many projects included gold coins to lure the Irish fairy into the trap.