Kramer Lane Students Present Living Wax Museum

Kramer Lane Students Present Living Wax Museum photo

Student John McCarthy has his own telescope at home and enjoys marveling at starry nights and learning about space.

So when it came time for the second-grader in Julie Schmidlapp’s class to select a historical American subject for the Kramer Lane Elementary School Living Wax Museum, it was a no-brainer for him. He chose famous astronomer and NASA contributor Carl Sagan.

“I’m very interested in astronomy and enjoy reading books about him,” McCarthy said.

The museum culminated a second-grade project at the school that enforced students’ skills in research, writing, history and creativity. Once they had selected their historical figures, the students researched them in the school library and online.

“They had to complete an independent report and create a timeline of their subject’s life,” explained second-grade teacher Andrea Morelli. “They also had to write out a first-person summary for the presentation, where they dressed up and delivered a monologue for visitors.”

At the press of a button, museum-goers received an informative monologue from the students about their researched figures. Several dug far back in history for their subject, such as Pahal Sheth, who conducted in-depth research on Harriet Tubman.

“I am even going to be on the $20 bill,” Sheth told visitors.

The event ended on a sweet note for passersby as Milton Hershey – portrayed by Sean Caputo – handed out his beloved Hershey’s Kisses after his monologue.