Signs of Inspiration for Special Olympics

Special Olympics Pic
Special Olympics Pic 2
As one of the Bethpage School District’s monthly Thoughtful Thursday community service projects, Central Boulevard Elementary School fifth-graders took out their pens and honed their design skills to make inspirational posters. The artwork will be on display during the Special Olympics, to be held at Bethpage High School on May 19. The students decided that messages of inspiration would assist the participating athletes in their goal to complete or win their event.

In addition to these signs, kindergarten and first-grade students colored inspirational ribbons, second-graders wrote messages on rainbow cutouts, and third- and fourth-graders wrote thank-you notes to all of the volunteers.

“This has been a wonderful schoolwide effort,” social worker Sarah Glassman said. “The students are looking forward to seeing their efforts make a difference during the Special Olympics in May.”