BHS Students Test-Drive Underwater Robots

BHS Students Test-Drive Underwater Robots photo

Seniors in Bethpage High School’s engineering class put their robots to the test on June 1 with an underwater submersion challenge in the school’s pool.

Grouped in teams of three, the students were given motors, propellers and a camera to manufacture an underwater robot that could pick up and retrieve objects from the pool floor. The teams were also allowed to use tape, Velcro and polyvinyl chloride piping, based on buoyancy calculations, in their designs.

The project was one that engaged engineering practices modeled after real-world challenges. To execute the successful design and build of their robots, the teams had to employ a high level of collaboration and communication skills, along with physics and math concepts. Drivers were only allowed to view their robots on a monitor during the competition to mimic real conditions researchers face when working deep below the ocean’s surface. 

Two groups emerged victorious from the challenge, as the robots Bubba, made by Ingy Inc., and Beta, created by Wellbound Inc., tied for scoring the most points in the course.