At the August Board of Education meeting, representatives of J. C. Broderick Environmental Consulting reported to the Board in open session its independent findings regarding the Bethpage Plume. At the Board’s request, Broderick was asked to conduct soil and air tests at Bethpage High School and Central Blvd. Elementary School, the two district schools that were closest to the growing plume which stems from contaminated sites at the Northrop-Grumman property. Broderick reported to the community that levels of volatile vapors were far below acceptable levels established by the New York State Department of Health. The District was pleased with the findings as student/staff safety is a paramount concern and we have forwarded the reports to the Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health.  

We have been assured by the NYSDOH and NYSDEC that there is no impact posed by the plume to the students and staff of the Bethpage Schools.  Levels detected are well below established thresholds and ongoing monitoring over the past five years show no change in test results.  According to state officials, no further monitoring is recommended on school properties.  The District will continue to review all findings and investigate its options, but we are pleased with the assurances of state officials and independent analysts that there are no immediate health risks to children and staff.

Broderick BHS Report

Broderick CB Report