JFK Students Take on Preamble Challenge

JFK Students Take on Preamble Challenge photo

Students at John F. Kennedy Middle School honored Constitution Day on Sept. 17 by participating in the school’s annual Preamble Challenge.

In a challenge created by Principal Kevin Fullerton, each student had the opportunity to memorize and recite all of the words in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. Those students willing to participate gathered in a classroom during the final 15 minutes of their lunch period to recite the Preamble in front of the judge – Mr. Fullerton.

The student from each grade who recited all of the words correctly in the shortest amount of time is rewarded a special lunch with their Social Studies teacher as well as Mr. Fullerton and Assistant Principal Erin Hayes.

The district congratulates the winners and all participants! This year’s winners are sixth-grader Matthew Cusumano, seventh-grader Adrienne Blonder and eighth-grader Georgia Karaisarides. The school’s overall runner-up is sixth-grader Marco Perla.