Promising Future for Bethpage Junior

Promising Future for Bethpage Junior photo
After representing the Bethpage School District and Bethpage High School as well as New York State at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in Boston this past June, Bethpage High School junior Rahul Busri was presented an official Award of Excellence by the National Leadership Academies. The award certifies his successful completion of the Congress.

At the Congress, Rahul was surrounded by many fellow high school students that share his passion, ability and potential. He was among the delegates that were able to help new friends reach aspiring dreams while also having the opportunity to collaborate with potential future colleagues.

Part of the experience allowed Rahul to watch live surgery and ask the surgeon questions in real time. Some of the greatest living minds in medicine and winners of the world’s most prestigious international prizes were among the teachers.

The National Leadership Academies supports America’s high-achieving high school students through career and focus-area programs and services. All Congresses are highly-selective and have strict requirements as all attendees are nominated by teachers or the Academy based on proven academic excellence and a demonstrated desire to achieve the very best.

Bethpage High School Principal Nicholas Jantz presented the award to Rahul on Sept. 27 and the entire district congratulates him on a remarkable accomplishment and bright future.