Charles Campagne Coffee Cart

Charles Campagne Coffee Cart photo

Charles Campagne Elementary School has an extraordinary feeling in the morning at the end of each school week as students in the ABA classroom have been taking part in Coffee Cart Friday since Oct. 12.

Since the inaugural Coffee Cart, students and teachers have been coming together in the morning to make and deliver coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water for staff members throughout the building. During the week, the students and teachers do the shopping for the needed materials and then start producing the products every Friday morning so they can make deliveries during the first class of the day.

As part of the classroom’s development of life skills, students are responsible for collecting inventory of the products while also counting the profits from the purchases. Teachers have the added incentive to buy the $1 products as for every five purchases, they receive a free coffee, tea, hot chocolate or water! Coffee Cart Friday is scheduled to run through the remainder of the school year.

Thank you to Julianne Tierney and all of the ABA teachers, assistants and the students for this exceptional Friday treat!