Technology Free Lunch

Technology Free Lunch photo

Students at JFK Middle School have been enjoying lunch periods this year without the use of technology. Instead, they are interacting with one another through friendly competition in various games during what is being called Tech Free Lunch.

An initiative started during the 2017-18 school year provides students with an escape from technology during their lunch periods two times a week. On those days, students are able to select from games such as Connect Four, UNO, Jenga, Trouble, Battleship and many others from a game cart in the school’s cafeteria.

The purpose of the Tech Free Lunch periods is to create an environment of collaboration and fun without the consistent use of technology. The activity also helps to build communication skills as the students enjoy the excitement of a board or card game with one another.

“While we certainly value the use of technology during the school day to enhance the curriculum, it is also essential for our students to ‘disconnect’ every now and then so they can sharpen their interpersonal skills,” said JFK Assistant Principal Erin Hayes.