Aspiring Veterinarian Off to Quick Start

Aspiring Veterinarian Off to Quick Start photo
Junior Alexander Dupree has turned his love for animals into a potential career at the beginning of this school year. He enrolled in the BOCES Veterinarian Science program at Barry Tech, where he was recently named Student of the Quarter.

Alexander earned this honor as an acknowledgement of being the top student in the class in terms of participation, grades and excellence. The Veterinarian Science program’s curriculum is dedicated to building upon the connections between animal health and well-being as well as environmental and ecosystem health. Students such as Alexander have been able to get a head start on a possible and exciting career path. 

“The course gives myself and other students hands-on experience,” said Alexander. “We get to run our own veterinarian clinic every Tuesday that assists us in gaining real life experience while still being students.”

The district congratulates Alexander on being named Student of the Quarter at BOCES and look forward to future milestones.