Leaping Lesson in STEM Lab

Leaping Lesson in STEM Lab photo

As part of the Brown Bag Series occurring at the Bethpage Union Free School District’s Kramer Lane Elementary School, first- and fourth-grade students enjoyed a demonstration on frogs from volunteer parent Dan Ciccotto on Jan. 24.

Mr. Ciccotto exhibited a personal collection of frogs and a lizard for students while educating the groups on amphibians and reptiles in the building’s STEM lab. He discussed the types of frogs, their living environments, adaptations and many other facts. Students had the chance to view the frogs and lizard up close at the end of the discussion.

The goal of the series is to introduce students to ideas and information that may inspire them. Seminars take place during recess time from December to March with the program in its third year. The lessons are created through the interests, hobbies and expertise of the school’s parents. 

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