Parading Around With 100th Day Excitement


With Charles Campagne Elementary School celebrating 100 days of school on Feb. 13, kindergarten students paraded through the hallways and classrooms with projects based on the theme.

Leading up to the 100th day of school, kindergarten classrooms created “100 something” projects that included pennies, Skittles, logos, stickers, cotton balls and many other imaginative ideas. The four kindergarten classes brought their projects around the building and into all of the classrooms to help boost excitement for 100 days of school.

In addition to the kindergarten projects, students throughout first- and second-grade classrooms dressed in clothes they would wear if they were 100 years old as a symbol of being 100 days smarter. Classes also focused on lessons they have learned at this point in the school year to demonstrate their growth while also incorporating the number 100 into activities.

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