100 Cups Smarter


Students in Carrie Kenney’s kindergarten class at Kramer Lane Elementary School took part in 100 days of school lesson inside the building’s STEM lab on Feb. 13.

Mrs. Kenney and STEM lab teacher Stella Gatanas welcomed the students into the lab for an activity involving 100 cups. Ms. Gatanas first read the book “The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires to spark creativity. The story reflects on a little girl that had a wonderful idea to make the most magnificent thing and used the help of her canine assistant to keep trying until everything was just right.

This lesson helped the students as they prepared to create an object with the 100 cups. Groups came up with a plan on how to create their desired project and how to work together to see their accomplishment to the end.

Final creations included using the 100 cups to make a fish shape, a circle, a tower and a fort. Students utilized all of the STEM lab space including the tables, mats and floor to bring their ideas to life.

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