The Importance of a Smile

The Importance of a Smile photo

Kramer Lane Elementary School promoted February as Dental Health Month by welcoming associates from Pillar Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics on Feb. 13.

Dentist Dr. Charlie Pillar and orthodontist Dr. Ari Pillar, along with dental hygienist Lynn, supplied an interactive and informative lesson to students in kindergarten and first- and second-grades to stress the importance of a beautiful smile. Dr. Charlie used magic tricks to excite the students and Lynn, with the help of a smiling cow puppet, demonstrated the proper way to brush one’s teeth. Dr. Ari explained the purpose of an orthodontist and how he can straighten teeth with the use of braces that come with fun colors. 

The trio also emphasized eating healthy foods to help with dental care in preparation for a dentist visit. Following the playing of the insightful cartoon “Dudley Visits the Dentist,” Dr. Charlie utilized the helped a few students to demonstrate how to floss. With students dressed as teeth, Dr. Charlie and Lynn used extra-long floss to clear out in between each “tooth.”

“Thank you to Dr. Charlie, Dr. Ari and Lynn for once again visiting Kramer Lane to make dental health exciting, fun and educational for our students,” said Principal Kerri McCarthy.